Meta Toy City: Mega Water Balloon Dungeon (Part 2)

2 min readNov 16, 2023


As I promised, I will post tips for playing Mega Water Balloon Dungeon for players who are not yet very strong and advanced using the first tip.

I know this at the very first time when playing with my Guild Master, 먹여줘 he taught it to us (hehe thank you so much boss).

He called this as ”Revival Control” and what you need to pay attention to are:
- Punctuality (late/too fast=fail)
- Good cooperation with your party
- And the most important thing is to have at least 10 diamonds to revive

Okay okay, 5 HP bar is the only thing I need to share here because the rest are already written on the first post.

So, how does it work?

- First thing first, choose 1 party member that will sacrifice in this dungeon (no we are not offering that player as a sacrifice to the developer)
- Dodge and attack The Mega Water Balloon until the HP bar comes to 5
- Before the HP bar comes to 5, make sure the sacrificial player had let himself die right in the middle of the arena

Choosen player let himself die in the center

- The rest of parties go safe yourself from the crazy balls attack and make sure don’t die before the 1 player in the middle revive
- The best time for middle player to revive is when the third wave of crazy balls attack about to end (don’t be late or too fast or you will fail)

Revive right in time don’t be late or too fast
Revive before other players died

- After this phase ended, just dodge and attack like usual, good luck!

Easy peasy lemon squeezy, right? I will continue share other tips here as much as I can💋

Update: there is a change that we can’t do self-revive anymore in Party Dungeon. So, this tip doesn’t work anymore ☹