CILISTIA: A Next Generation P2P Exchange

3 min readJan 15, 2023

Cilistia is the world’s first revenue-sharing, decentralized P2P cryptocurrency marketplace that distributes 70% of its revenue to liquidity providers and customers.

The emergence of decentralized exchanges (DEXs) has provided a new way for users to trade cryptocurrencies. DEXs offer several advantages over traditional centralized exchanges, including increased security and the ability for users to retain control of their funds.

Cilistia is a decentralized, non-custodial peer-to-peer exchange that allows users to trade multiple cryptocurrencies in a secure and trustless manner.

Cilistia makes use of smart contracts to facilitate trades among buyers and sellers. whilst a trade is initiated, a clever agreement is created to preserve the budget in escrow until each events agree that the trade has been finished.

This ensures that the funds are comfy and can not be launched with out the consent of each parties. This also approach that there’s no want for a third birthday party to behave as a mediator or custodian of the price range, as is the case with centralized exchanges.

Cilistia is committed to sharing its achievement with its users. The platform distributes 70% of its revenue back to Cilistia token holders (CIL) while the token is staked in the consumer dashboard.

This revenue is paid out in a combination of CIL (25%) and stablecoins and blue chip currencies which include Ethereum and Bitcoin (seventy five%). This lets in customers to share inside the success of the platform and presents an additional incentive for containing CIL tokens.

Staking CIL tokens on Cilistia affords several advantages to customers. similarly to receiving a proportion of the platform’s sales, stakers additionally get hold of rebates on prices for each exchange they make.
The amount of CIL staked is likewise used as collateral to comfortable the person’s account, and determines the consumer’s buying and selling limits.

Which means that customers with higher amounts of CIL staked will have higher trading limits and may be capable of get entry to additional functions on the platform. Whilst un-staking CIL tokens, the consumer’s consider level decreases and they will be required to post collateral in different currencies with a view to keep buying and selling on the platform. This allows to make sure that the platform stays cozy and that all customers are performing in right faith.

Cilistia is a decentralized, non-custodial peer-to-peer alternate that lets in users to exchange more than one cryptocurrencies without giving up control of their funds.

The platform’s use of clever contracts for escrow transactions and its dedication to sharing sales with token holders make it a comfy and attractive choice for cryptocurrency buyers. By means of staking CIL tokens, customers also can get entry to extra advantages together with rebates on costs and better trading limits. Cilistia is nicely placed to grow to be a main Peer to peer DEX within the cryptocurrency marketplace.

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